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Spy Management Strategy Game for PC

Build your own private intelligence agency. Establish agency stations, cells and bases. Make maximum profit. Search and Destroy. Find and Rescue. Rob the Banks. Hire an Agent. And a Secretaries. Find a Lawyer. Get into jet. Travel around the world. Trade with weapons, WMD, state secrets, technologies. Build your private intelligence empire. Become a Top Spy Tycoon.

Game Units - Spies, Agents, Secretaries (XX Edition):

Unit type: Bodyguard
Unit type: Agent
Unit type: Agent
 Unit type: Double Agents
Unit type: Agent
Unit type: Lawyer

F e a t u r e s


Select your girls, agents and lawyers

Hire spies, secretaries, escorts, bodyguards, and mercenaries.
Buy lawyers, politicians and criminals. Use ‘honey traps‘

Travel, Establish, Control

Use cargo and combat aircraft

Travel around the world, establish and run spy stations and bases worldwide.
Improve the base and pack it with agents and special forces.
Establish intelligence connections in countries and regions

Missions and Scenarios 

Find him and kill him

More than 40 scenarios including CIA Central America, Colonel Gaddafi, World War 3, Cold War, Oil Wars, Osama Bin Laden, Central Intelligence, KGB Contract, Find Sadam, MOSSAD Operation, Escobar, ASIS-Sidney, Death Squad, Operation Moscow, Noriega, BND, Asia in Flames, US Air Force, Nuclear War, RAF


More than 100 unit types

Including special units, fighters, attackers, bombers, helicopters, cargo aircraft, artillery and armored vehicles

Buy, Sell, Steal, Trade

Choose from the large selection of goods

Trade with with arms, bombers, armor,  information, technology and weapons of mass Destruction, including chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. Be careful with Sarin, Anthrax, Ebola, Plague and Typhus


Various combat modes

Deploy your units. Attack hostile governments, terrorists, enemy spies, double agents and lawyers. Defend your spy stations and bases.

Five combat types:
Spy War
Urban Fight
Air Fight
Legal/Political Battle
Army Combat

Guns Girls Lawyers Spies - special XX edition

Get all missions and scenarios; over 200 spies, double agents, secretaries, escorts, lawyers and mercenaries, 100 unit types, 10 characters, WMD pack, hours of spy combats, free updates, and free aditional future missions

Regular price: $14.95 

Get Guns Girls Lawyers Spies Full Version Online now only for $7.95

File Size: 40MB . Download this game immediately after purchase; you'll get a download link in your confirmation email. No shipping or shipping fees. Instant activation.

For Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

SLS - Spy Tycoon is a business intelligence strategy game. The main objective is to build private intelligence agency and become a Spy Tycoon. Your agency consists of Director, Agency Stations ( established around the world to give various information and make profit) and Agency Units (Escort Units that travel with president; Station Units which protect agency stations). Generally, your basic task is to travel around the world, trade weapons, information, technology and mercenaries), hire units for agency protection and establish agency stations.

The world isn't a peaceful place. Countries can have various status: war, political instability, civil war, cold war and sanctions. This is not bad for intelligence business, and you should consider country political situation in order to find best place to trade goods and hire spies, lawyers and soldiers.

Spy war is the practice of obtaining information about an organization or a society that is considered secret or confidential (spying) without the permission of the holder of the information. Spy war is usually thought of as part of governmental or corporate effort. The term spy war is most readily associated with state spying on potential or actual enemies for military purposes, but this has been extended to spying involving corporations, known specifically as industrial spy game. Many nations routinely spy on both their enemies and allies. Thus spy war is : "gathering, transmitting, losing information related to the national defense." A spy is a soldier in a spy war - spy game. The term spy officer is also used to describe a member of the armed forces, police officer or civilian intelligence agency who specializes in the gathering and analysis of information and intelligence in order to provide advice to their government or another organization. Spy master is a term often used in literature for superior of a spy game.

PC Windows 98/Me/NT/2000 /XP/Vista/7/8/10 


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